Did you as an employer make any workers or employees redundant between 28th February 2020 and the end of the Tax year 5th April 2020?

You may want to review your decision and consider furloughing your employees instead. If you do want furlong your workers, you need to act now to reinstate your workers before the 5th April 2020 on your employment and payroll files logged with HMRC in this tax year.

If you don’t then as an employer you run the risk that they will be treated as new employees in 2021 tax year and you will be unable to apply for the tax office CoVID19 grants to support the monthly payment per employee furloughed of the lesser per employee furloughed of 80% of the wages up to £2,500 or £2,500.

Click here to read our professional bodies comments and the government advice in this regard.