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We offer a wide range of personal income tax, capital gains, investment, gifts and inheritance tax planning and compliance services.

Do you want help with your self assessment?

So whether you have a rental property, are a sole trader or partner or director or just want to sell your property or investment we have a personal tax support package for you.

Have you received an HMRC Notice or penalty or enquiry and would like some help – We can help.

Below we have provided an indication of the areas we maybe able to help you. Click on the “+” for further information.

We offer self-assessment personal income tax compliance services. Self-assessments tax returns are required if you are a partner, director, sole trader or just want to claims a few expenses or deductions for payrolled benefits in kind (BIKs). If you receive other income, for example from property rentals or dividends you are also required to submit a self assessment if your earnings exceed the regulatory thresholds.

Why use an Accountant

  • Reassurance on the accuracy of your tax declarations
  • Peace of mind that your self-assessment tax has been thoroughly prepared
  • Reduce surprises – Know how much and when your tax payments are due
  • Remove the hassle and complexity of self-assessment tax returns
  • Reduce your risk of errors and omissions on self assessments
  • Reduce your risk of an HMRC tax investigation
  • Have peace of mind that your accounting records are adequate for HMRC purposes.

BPR helps shield qualifying assets from inheritance tax (IHT). BPR is one of the most valuable tax reliefs, allowing business owners and investors to pass on their business free of IHT.

Simply owning or investing in a business does not necessarily mean that you qualify for BPR. We recommend a professional review to ensure your business meets all the qualifying criteria.

Even, as the business / investment evolves over time or your personal circumstance change, your entitlement to  BPR can be lost.  So, if you are retiring or passing on your business, as part of an overall strategy to identify the tax risks and opportunities, let us undertake a BPR review to establish if your business / investments qualify for BPR, and if not, explore any actions you can taken to address your circumstances.

Regular changes may occur in your circumstance, the law and the wealth generation and preservation process. We offer our clients annual wealth and tax planning reviews to help find tax savings and, if you are a client, for you to efficiently plan the growth and preservation of your wealth. We also offer clients life planning for those life events which may attract special tax treatment.  Amongst which are the following considerations
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Trusts
  • Gifts
Let us help you to efficiently plan and manage your tax affairs.

CGT applies any gain on everything you own and use for personal or investment purposes. CGT applies individually to each of your asset disposals, subject to qualifying tax thresholds and the scheduled tax free items.  As personal assets and investments are often held for a long period significant gains (profits) or losses can accrue and are subject to CGT. 

If you own an investment in your business or hold property assets, other than your main home, you are liable for CGT assessment on disposal or swapping it or even if you give it away. 

With sound tax planning and management, you can efficiently manage your tax liability. Our professional team offer services to assist you to manage your tax planning and to complete the HMRC CGT compliance process.

We can help you.  

We draw to your attention that CGT taxes are applied at different rates on different types of assets.

So not matter if you are selling an investment, your business or property, we can assist in helping you understand the considerations, planning and payment of your CGT taxes.

We draw to your attention that assessment for CGT also applies if you are a UK non-resident or corporation. 

Do you invest or want to invest in entrepreneurial businesses? Are you using your EIS and SEIS allowances? Let us help you get your investments correctly qualified. If you would like to know more about EIS / SEIS schemes, then contact us today.

Do you know what your tax credits entitlements are? Let us assist you to get your tax credits accurate.

Please note Research and Development Tax Credits are only available to incorporated businesses. Want to know if you qualify for capital allowance claimed?

To find out more, please contact us.

Have you received a HMRC notice or penalty?

Would you appreciate a professional review?

We offer a service to help you manage the HMRC notice process. Don’t delay, as penalties may be accumulating by the day. 

Come in today and discuss with us to see what we can do to assist you.